Plastipack Limited

Manufacturers of Energy and
Resource Saving Products

Careers at Plastipack

Plastipack limited is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of energy and resource saving water covering products for swimming pools and commercial water covering materials and operates from its UK base.

Our Vision

“To produce high quality, energy and resource saving products”

Our Mission

  • To provide the best quality products and 1st class service for our customers
  • To be the niche product leaders in our marketplace
  • Offer our customers a choice of products
  • To expand internationally, improving the growth and profitability of the Company
  • Make a fitting contribution to our people and the community.

We are a business with strong growth plans, a close knit team, and a dedication to innovative product development.

See our current vacancies below:

Extruder Operator

PLEASE NOTE: Previous applicants need not reapply.

As an Extruder Operator your function is to aid the Extruder Technicians in all required tasks within production. Taking direction from the Production Control on shift and the Extruder technicians working on the task allotted. You will focus on ensuring stock is appropriately moved to storage, quality checks are performed and all procedures are followed entirely. You will observe and operate the working procedures of the production shift as you build your own skill set within the team. You will be expected to develop your skills to progress within the company and will be proactive in actioning any guidance provided to assist you in doing so on shift and at the appraisals. As a member of this company you are a steward for our vision, mission and values and share the company’s focus on a quality driven, safe, supportive and respectful work place.

• To work under the direction of the Production Controller and Extruder Technicians to meet the production requirements of the shift allotted.

• Ensure that you record all required information clearly and diligently.

• To be a steward for the continual quality standards and the improvement of our products, production procedures and equipment.

• To work to achieve efficiency goals, repairs and maintenances of our equipment.

• Take a proactive role in the implementation of changes to production equipment and processes.

• To strictly follow all health and safety procedures/ regulations and ensure your production team abide by these vital protocols and all matters relating to this are dealt in line with the company Health and Safety policy.

• You will communicate clearly and diligently all relevant information to the Production Controller and other team members on the allotted shift.

• To report any defective safety equipment immediately and ensure all necessary safety actions are taken until equipment is repaired or replaced.

• You will ensure that all equipment and the surrounding working spaces are kept in a clean and orderly condition, ensuring all staff understand that this is a joint responsibility for both safety and cleanliness.

• To follow the company’s quality systems, processes and procedures.

• Report defective materials or questionable conditions to the Production Controller and Extruder Technicians.

• To make sure that finished goods are transferred from the extruders to the correct location in the warehouse in a structured and efficient manner.

• To ensure raw materials are receipted, recorded, located and transferred correctly.

• To ensure that all preparations for the next shift are completed, ensuring that each extruder is ready for team members on the next shift to have a seamless transition.

• You will take a proactive approach to your own continued personal and skills development, taking part in all relevant training required.

• Site security

• Perform any other tasks appropriate to this position

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