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As manufacturers of energy and resource-saving products, Plastipack Ltd is committed to environmentally-responsible cradle to grave design and production, ensuring that sustainability is considered throughout the product life-cycle, right through to disposal of materials. This is in keeping with our overall ethos of being eco-conscious in all our operations.


Throughout the manufacturing process, we strive to minimise energy consumption and material wastage. Plastipack Ltd continually assesses the energy consumption in its manufacturing facility, immediately addressing any unnecessary use of resources. 100% of any wastage material produced is recycled.

In use

Our products undergo continual testing and development to ensure the best possible performance of the materials to either reduce the economic cost and carbon footprint of a swimming pool or provide a sustainable long-term solution for water storage. Our GeoBubble and Guard products are designed for maximum longevity whilst delivering optimal performance of the product. When one looks at the bigger picture of eco-conscious behaviours, product longevity plays an integral part in the sustainability equation.

The key role of a pool cover is to prevent evaporation. An 8x4m pool in the UK will lose up to 1m of water per m² of surface area in just one year. This represents a loss of up to 32000Litres of water that will cause evaporative cooling and eventually require replacing in one year. By using a pool cover, evaporation is reduced by up to 98%. The material also works as a barrier to debris entering the pool reducing chemical demand. Further savings can be made by selecting the material properties that will best produce energy and chemical reductions for the swimming pool. A material with high transmission like Sol+Guard will allow the sun’s energy to heat the pool during the day dramatically reducing the required workload of the heating system. By selecting an opaque material like EnergyGuard & CoolGuard further chemical savings can be made by preventing the deactivation of the sanitizers due to solar exposure and removing an energy source for biological growth by preventing photosynthesis, this allows for a chemical free shut down of the swimming pool at the end of the season saving on filtration and chemical requirements.


All Plastipack Ltd materials’ base polymers are LDPE (low density polyethylene) to provide clarity, chemical resistance and mechanical properties. As LDPE is recyclable, our material is marked on the weld edge with the recycling grade LDPE 4 symbol and should be disposed of appropriately. In the manufacturing process, all waste material is recycled.

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