Plastipack Limited

Manufacturers of Energy and
Resource Saving Products

Company Introduction

“The positive feedback from our customers makes me so proud to be part of the dedicated team at Plastipack.” - Peter Adlington (Managing Director).

Since its inception in 1999, Plastipack Ltd has matured into a global distributor of pool cover and water-saving materials with a reputation for quality, innovation and dedication to outstanding customer service.

Within the niche market, our in-house development team’s focus is to create materials that meet the global call to action around the shrinking of carbon footprints. Technical and marketing support is part of the service as we endeavour to contribute to the much needed mind shift around environmental awareness.

Plastipack has grown since our formation to become one of the world’s largest suppliers of swimming pool cover material. Through our work to improve the markets awareness of the fiscal and resource saving that can be made by using our performance materials Plastipack are set to continue to grow as we expand into emerging markets. This includes bespoke materials for new applications in the agricultural and industrial sectors for clarifier and anti-evaporation cover materials.

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Our Vision

“To produce high quality, energy and resource saving products”

Our Mission

  • To provide the best quality products and 1st class service for our customers
  • To be the niche product leaders in our marketplace
  • Offer our customers a choice of products
  • To expand internationally, improving the growth and profitability of the Company
  • Make a fitting contribution to our people and the community.
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