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RaeGuard™ is the latest addition to the GeoBubble™ Guard product range, designed specifically for use on those pools where solar gains are not a viable option. Identifiable immediately from its stylish white and silver appearance, RaeGuard™ works to actively reduce heat losses from a pool’s surface by up to 57%.

RaeGuard™ benefits:

  • Retain heat and maintain pool temperature
  • Reduce heating cost by up to 57%
  • Pay back the cost of a cover within 1 year
  • Works on both indoor and outdoor pools
  • Eliminate evaporation by 98%
  • Reduce debris contamination
  • Save money and reduce the environmental impact of your pool
  • 6+ years expected lifespan
  • With GeoBubble™ Technology
  • Available with reinforcing weave

A high performance heat retention pool cover

RaeGuard™ enters the market as a specialist heat retention material which offers up to 90% of the insulating performance of a tradition 5mm foam, but with a significant reduction in the material cost.

The potential for savings makes RaeGuard™ an excellent alternative to traditional and pricey foam covers.

RaeGuard™ materials will save the user the equivalent cost of the cover in energy savings within the first year of use.

With a 6+ year warrantied lifespan and typical payback times of less than a year, RaeGuard™ materials have the potential to save both money and resources for years to come. Ideal for use on any pool which relies on external heating systems to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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