Jane Beard

Sol+Guard™ 12mm

“We wanted you to know that we are really happy with the pool cover you made. It not only looks good in its pale turquoise colour which suits the pool liner colour, but also we have found it to be durable and cost effective.

This cover has been in continuous use on our indoor pool since early 2010 and is showing no sign of breaking down. From time to time we have to clean off areas where water has lain on top and formed crystals from the water treatment we use, but we have recently cleaned these off and the cover is nearly back to its original state.

Before we had this cover we used to have to keep the de-humidifier running all day to control humidity which obviously cost us quite a lot of money as the unit consumes about 1 kw per hour. Additionally, the water temperature used to drop during the day so additional heat was required from the boiler to bring it up to temperature for our morning swim.

Thank you - a well thought out, durable and efficient product.”

Jane Beard - The Water Tower, Sussex UK – 2017

Jane Beard 2