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Water Storage

Water storage is becoming increasingly important for farming and other agricultural operations situated in typically drier regions. Recent droughts and the more long-term threat of climate change – coupled with hotter, drier summers, reduced water availability and increasing demand – have only heightened concerns around the reliability of future supplies.

For the farmer, a water tank provides both security and flexibility by enabling the water supply on demand. When water is readily available, it can be extracted and stored for the future. With this in mind, Plastipack Ltd developed the VapourGuard™ material, designed to preserve water quality and quantity by preventing evaporation and contamination from algae and debris.

VapourGuard™ is a 540μm material with an opaque underside and reflective light grey surface/top. It is a highly cost-effective material that keeps irrigation systems clear, minimises leaf staining and preserves a vital resource.

Features and benefits of VapourGuard

  • Collects rainfall

  • Prevents evaporation

  • Inhibits algae growth

  • Reflects the sun’s heat

  • Reduces contamination

  • 10 year pro rata warranty

  • 10 year expected lifespan

Bespoke Applications

Plastipack is regularly commissioned to create unique materials for applications outside of the swimming pool industry. Please contact us to discussed your tailored requirements and benefit from our broad development experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing unique high-performance cover materials for domestic use and commercial operations.

Where can I buy a VapourGuard™ cover?

  VapourGuard Water Storage