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Manufacturers of Energy and
Resource Saving Products

Future Developments

Plastipack’s development team works closely with our additives and polymers suppliers to ensure the best possible material quality. Plastipack also collaborates with some of the leading physics, engineering and polymer science universities within the UK to develop materials which can provide the best performances. As a company we continue to build our in-house knowledge to produce better more sustainable products for both our core and new marketplaces.

Maintaining Quality:

From production back to development Plastipack continue to review our existing materials to ensure we are selecting the best possible polymers and additives to provide products of good quality and longevity. Plastipack have also developed our own testing procedures for thickness, lamination, lay flat and longevity to ensure our materials meet the highest standards and satisfy our customer’s expectations. Read more about our testing at The GeoBlog


Plastipack has a long history of innovation within our market place. These developments have been achieved through fruitful collaborations with leading additives and polymers supplier’s as well as successful partnerships with Brighton and the London Metropolitan universities through the KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) schemes. Thanks to these contributions we have been able to improve and expand our in-house capabilities. These collaborations have allowed Plastipack to separate ourselves from our competition as the leading innovators.

As part of our drive to provide the best materials Plastipack have successfully released our high performance materials into the market, offering a product range with different optical properties that provide distinctive increases to product performance. A careful selection of pigments and additives with different transmission, absorption or reflective properties has led to performance materials scientifically established to reduce the swimming pools energy and chemical demands. Plastipack has also changed the bubble shape of the standard bubbles packaging style design with the innovation of the patented GeoBubble ™ design specifically engineered to improve the longevity of floating cover materials exposed to severe chemical environment.

Our vision is to produce high quality, energy and resource saving products and we continue to work towards this goal with the start of new collaborations with the Advanced Technology Institute of the University of Surrey new project is aimed at delivering better products that will provide hopefully the ultimate energy savings and performance.

Bespoke materials:

We here at Plastipack welcomes a challenge and are often approached by fabricators within the pool market or the industrial and agricultural markets to develop materials to meet the specific performance criteria of their application.

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