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Call us now on: +44 (0) 1424 851659

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Our materials are created with longevity and performance at forefront of their development.

We supply a range of water covering materials offering the highest possible savings at their specific function. This enables the market and end users to select from a range of products that offer the highest saving to meet their need or that of their market sector. This is most notably displayed by our Guard product range which undergo continuous testing and development on our bespoke pool testing facility and within our quality control labs. This allows Plastipack to offer performance data and warranties with full confidence our materials will meet their advertised benefits and meet or exceed their expected lifespan.

Swimming pool cover material 

Plastipack’s energy and resource saving pool covers, with GeoBubble™ technology offer a range of features to help pool owners save energy, water and resources.  

From the standard Light Blue cover material, to the high-performance Guard range of products, every cover is specially designed and tested to ensure the best performance and highest savings for their particular niche.

Read more, or click on an image below for more information on each of the high-performance materials from the GeoBubble™ website.


Become a Supplier

Plastipack Ltd export our material around the world to customers who fabricate the materials into finished covers.

To ensure cost-effective transportation of our materials, Plastipack Ltd ships only fully loaded trucks or 20 or 40ft containers.

Unique shipping requests will be considered case by case.

VapourGuard Water storage cover material

Our VapourGuardTM Water storage solution provides a floating evaporation cover material that offers an adaptable and durable solution for water preservation for tanks, lagoons and reservoirs. Without the work intensive and costly fabrication and installation of traditional floating covers. VapourGuardTM offers a solution for evaporation and temperature control, water clarification through algae inhibition and works as a barrier to debris. Protecting the waters quality and quantity.  

Read more or visit our VapourGuard™ product website.  


Plastipack has a commitment to the continual improvement of our products and processes to reduce energy and resource consumption. This commitment has led to award winning product developments such as our EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission pool cover material. 

We test our products on site, with our bespoke testing facility consisting of five identical swimming pools. This allows us to conduct comparative testing of different cover materials, as well as to test the effectiveness of any products in development and perform quality control on products already in the market. 

Bespoke Pool Testing Facility

Thermal Properties

Longevity Testing:

Accelerated weathering system – QUV

Mechanical Testing:

Tensile, Tear, Puncture

Optical Testing:

UV/Vis, FTIR Spectroscopy, SEM

Quality Control:

Lay Flat, Lamination, Thickness, Colour matching, Dimensions