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Plastipack Ltd is the manufacturer of VapourGuard™ water storage covering materials. Utilising the patented GeoBubble™ bubble shape, VapourGuard™ floating covers can be found in a variety of use cases globally.  

VapourGuard™ covers help users maintain efficient and reliable water sources. Our covers are ideal for agricultural and horticultural businesses to help increase the efficiency of your water storage and rainwater harvesting systems. They prevent algae growth, and eliminate surface evaporation by as much as 98%.

VapourGuard Water storage cover material

Our VapourGuard™ Water storage solution provides a floating evaporation cover material that offers an adaptable and durable solution for water preservation for tanks, lagoons and revisors.

Without the work intensive and costly fabrication and installation of traditional floating covers. VapourGuard™ offers a solution for evaporation and temperature control, water clarification through algae inhibition and works as a barrier to debris. Protecting the water quality and quantity.

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Swimming Pool Covers

Plastipack Ltd is a leading global supplier of high-performance swimming pool cover materials.


VapourGuard™ covers help users maintain efficient and reliable water sources.


At Plastipack, we heavily invest in the Research and Development of our pool and water storage cover materials.