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We service our customers through the bulk supply of roll form materials to be welded and shaped into covering solutions for the end users. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality, high performing product and a reliable service every time, as well as maintaining strong communication with all of our clients. Supplying a global market, 90% of our materials are exported with the majority currently sold into mainland Europe. 

Plastipack was founded to meet a need in the swimming pool market for a supplier of quality material, offering reliable deliveries and good customer service. These needs have been embedded within Plastipack from day one and have fuelled our growth as a collaborative customer focused supplier offering performance materials and consistently high quality standards.

As Plastipack has grown and developed we have led the innovation of the materials in both design, longevity and performance. Our products are developed and tested through the efforts of our own inhouse Research and development team and through collaborations with universities specialising in engineering and physics. This has resulted in innovations such as the patented GeoBubbleTM Technology and award winning and patented EnergyGuardTM Selective Transmission material.

At Plastipack we devote our time to: 

  • supporting a global network of niche businesses,  
  • the ongoing improvement of our products and processes  
  • educating both fabricators and end users on the importance of preserving
    resources and reducing environmental and economic impacts of their applications. 

Product Description

Plastipack manufacture water covering materials designed for energy and resource savings. The materials are comprised of two layers of polyethylene with pigments, UV and heat stabilizers added to the polymer formulation. 

The bottom layer goes through a vacuum forming process shortly before the two layers are laminated to produce a single material with air cells (similar to bubble wrap packaging). This process is continuous, forming 2m and 2.5m widths of material with a 0 to 50mm flat “weld edge” along the length of each side of the roll.  This roll form is shipped around the world via truck or container to fabricators who bond the materials at the weld edge thermally and cut and shape the materials to fit the dimensions of the water body they are to cover. 

Stock materials 

Our stock materials are available in 2m and 2.5m with a 30mm weld edge down the length of the rolls. These materials are available in 102m length. Material widths are measured from bubble to bubble excluding the weld edge. A 2m roll with our stock weld edge total width would be 2060mm in width. 

Weld Edge: The weld edge is a portion of flat material that allow for the bonding of two rolls together. Our stock weld edge is 30mm each side of the material  

Jumbo rolls 

For customers who do not currently weld, Plastipack offer a service we call “Jumbo rolls”. These consist of welded sections of our materials 2m and 2.5m in 50m lengths in a range of useful widths. 

Jumbo roll materials are welded from our stock materials and range in width from 3m to 6m. 


Shipping Guide 

Plastipack will always try to load the trucks or containers to deliver the most m² of material in one order, to make the shipment as efficient and cost effective as possible. The team here at Plastipack will work with you to provide the service you require enable this to be done to your specification. 

Storage Instructions

To maximise the lifespan of our products, we recommend that they are stored under certain conditions.

Why become a supplier? 

When you become a supplier of Plastipack water covering materials, you gain access to our team of professionals and all the resources you need to help you market and sell GeoBubble™ and VapourGuard™ products.  Our Sales and Customer Services teams will work with you to help find the best product mix for your market, and guide you through the purchasing process. Our dedicated Research and Development team, have in-depth, niche knowledge about our product range. They are available to advise on the particular benefits of each of our products, and to offer advice and support on how to ensure your customers get the most out of their pool or water storage cover.

You will also have access to a full range of Marketing support, including marketing packs and brand guidelines for each product you purchase. These will include product images, logos, explanatory illustrations, brochures and more. We will also keep you updated with all new developments in the company, including product launches, or new assets made available to you to assist you in marketing our range of products.  

Suppliers also have the option to be added to the relevant Where to Buy or Find a Fabricator supplier lists on our product websites. Both the GeoBubble™ and VapourGuard™ websites have been designed to direct traffic to the supplier list pages, meaning that they are among the highest traffic pages on our websites, attracting thousands of visitors every year. This means that potential customers are encouraged to visit your websites, or to contact you to purchase their covers.  


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