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Reflective Sheet

A Reflective Sheet is used to protect the pool cover from permanent solar damage when off the pool/not in use.

Features and benefits of the Reflective Sheet:

  • Reduces the temperature of a stored pool cover by over 30°C

  • Lengthens the pool cover’s lifespan by using recommended storage methods when the cover is not in use

  • Available in 1m and 2m widths x 100m lengths

A swimming pool cover is designed to prevent heat loss when on the water and its temperature remains moderate when lying on the water. When the material is off the pool and left exposed to direct sunlight, either folded up or on a rollup or reel system, heat builds up within the material and can result in accelerated degradation such as material brittleness or permanent deformation. This is prevented with the use of a reflective sheet. Its 300μm material is formed in two layers - an opaque black layer to shade the material and a light blue layer with a high reflective index to prevent heat build-up within the material.

Reflective Sheet

Reflective Diagram   Reflective Chart