Andrea & Mark Hannemann


“We are very happy with our rainwater harvesting system, the VapourGuard cover is a key element for this process to work and provide both the quality and quantity of water needed. This system has been in operation for over two years.

In terms of quantity the VapourGuard™ cover has totally eliminated evaporation and we estimate that up to 80% of our water holding capacity per year is saved through the use of the cover. A fantastic efficiency achievement! The cover also acts as rainwater harvesting system as it has holes throughout to allow water to pass through the cover and into the storage area. The water quality has also increased dramatically, as no algae or air borne debris can contaminate the water supply.

I would recommend a VapourGuard™ cover to anyone in farming who wants to reduce their water bills, help manage climate variability and become self-sufficient. It is estimated that the entire system will only take 7 years to pay for it-self and with increasing water prices this payback period may be quicker!”

Andrea & Mark Hannemann, Australia 2011