Peter Joyce


“As someone who has been in the pool industry for many years I am always seeing new products making great claims as to how good they are so it was with some doubt in my mind that I tried the black EnergyGuard GeoBubble pool cover on my own pool.

I put it on in September and did not put any winterising chemicals at all in the pool. When I drew the cover back in May I was delighted and, I have to admit, quite suprised to see that the pool water was absolutely crystal clear. Just as I had left it 7 months ago. All the pool needed was one visit from my pool cleaner and it was ready to swim in. I am highly delighted with the algae restricting performance of the EnergyGuard cover, not only did it give me a crystal clear pool, it also saved me spending money on winterising chemicals.

For the first time in 20 years I did not have to do any Spring clean up in my pool.”

Peter Joyce. MD of PoolStore UK Ltd.