Phil Stratten


“Firstly I would like to say how much I appreciated the advice and assistance you gave me in choosing a pool cover that would be appropriate for the area I live in, Almeria in Spain. I think it is very prudent to take advice rather than purchasing a pool cover that may be unsuitable for my location.

The Sol+Guard has proved to be a huge success, raising my pool temperature by at least 8 degrees above the pool temperature in April/May of the previous two years, 2008/2009. There is a minimal temperature loss overnight as it can get quite cold in the mountains where my house is located.

In June, the pool water is too hot for me but it will suit my wife and grandchildren very well.

With the Sol+Guard on our pool we were able to start swimming on the 10th April this year compared to the end of May last year. Whilst I cannot say how long in the autumn months we will be using the pool I think it would be fair to say that our swimming season will be extended by two months either side.”

Phil Stratten, Domestic Pool Owner, Almeria, Spain.